Thursday, March 17, 2011

Praying for Japan

I have always had a great love for Japan; the people, the language, and the culture. As one who has never had the opportunity to travel outside the continental United States, I would not hesitate for a moment to answer "Japan" when asked where I would most like to visit. One reason that I have always loved Japan is that it is such a small island country with so much uniqueness in its culture and people. It has really pained me to see the destruction and suffering that has and is happening there and I have been praying continually that Heavenly Father would comfort His suffering children on the other side of the world. As this tragedy has unfolded I have seen horrifying videos and read terrible news reports, but I have also seen videos and news reports of the people banding together, helping each other, and saving each others lives in some situations. These are strong, noble, clean, highly respectful, and above all honorable children of our Heavenly Father. I hope that they are in your thoughts and prayers as they try to cope with natural disasters that have caused such great destruction in their homes, families, lives, and hearts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ten guidelines that I have imposed upon myself for my betterment, progress, and to improve my standings with my God. Wish me luck as I strive to live by these precepts, some of which I am already good at and some of which I am working on.


1. Get that homework/ reading done! Early!

2. Is it past midnight? Turn off the TV and go to sleep or read your scriptures. Unless you are socializing you should be edifying yourself or sleeping. It’s time to take care of yourself.

3. There is no room in the mind of a faithful priesthood holder for putridity, filth, lusty thought, and wickedness of any kind. Fill it with righteousness or pay the consequences. REMEMBER:
4. There are people everywhere who need help and assistance. If they ask, say yes. If no one is asking, be willing to offer.

5. Everyday should be a day of prayer unto the Lord. At the very least, it should be started and ended that way.

6. Everyday should be a day of studying the scriptures and striving to learn to feel the spirit of the Lord. Allow yourself to be guided by him at all times and in all places.

7. Home teaching is not an assignment that can just be checked off. It is a duty that should occupy the mind with the well being of those under your stewardship. Do all you can for your hometechees.

8. There is no reason to keep stagnant the body that Heavenly Father has given you. As long as you have the ability to run, jump, dance, sing, and play, you should be doing so. Take care of the precious gift of your physical body.

9. Your talents are gifts from God that should be developed and used to benefit yourself and especially those around you here in this life. Do not squander them.

10. You are a son of God. As such you should be pursuing a path following in the footsteps of your perfect elder brother and Savior, Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid to say to others and to the natural man that is part of you: "I cannot do what you are asking me, I was born to be a king."

Monday, March 7, 2011

a post for postings sake

What does it take to get me to change? Sometimes I wonder why God puts up with me. Makes my head spin.

As someone who is a perfectionist and who never seems to want to start things in fear that I wont be able to finish them, it is hard for me to see any progress in myself seeing that I never feel like I can become a polished, finished product. Endless attempts at progress and becoming better tends to seem endlessly daunting to me. I am so very happy when I overcome a weakness, rise to meet a challenge, or complete a difficult task, but I find it hard to see the joy in the slight day to day progressions, the seemingly mundane attempts to become a better son of God that I cannot see the fruits of right away. I have the same trouble with working out, even though I know it produces results because I have experienced it! Then why is it hard? I don't know.

Did you know that I do sing for an online company called Yousicals? They have a website: You should go there and check me out in the Bios section and there should be two songs that I recorded on there: "Hello" and "Oops I Failed it Again" and keep a look out for "Because of You" a recent recording that is not up there quite yet.

blah... not a fan of this post. But I guess they don't all have to be good right?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i'll give you an inch but im hoping you'll take a mile.
this time im banking on something that will last for a while.
but dont take what you cant handle if ill only drag you down.
what you can carry is a tell tale sign of how much you really want me around.
dont give up on what you are truly wanting if you are only kind of wanting me.
i refuse to be the excuse or reason for your life's tragedy.
having scarcely learned my lessons and not always knowing where to turn,
i am on the search for that someone who can smile and sigh as I surely crash and burn. so give it some thought and consider, what it is you are trying to do,
because in the end if you choose me, ill probably also choose you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This post is mostly a personal memo to myself, encouraging myself to start blogging again. Intelligent right? I have felt swamped these past 2 semesters and feel like I really do not have to be blogging... but I seem to neglect my journal writing when I do not take the time to blog. So, I am going to blog in hopes that i will start writing in my journal again too since it is pretty important to do so. If not I will at least have some semblance of a record that I exist online.

If you would like to leave some digital encouragement for me to start blogging again too, feel free to do so via comment or something of the sort. I am pretty easily influenced by sincere, or at least seemingly sincere, desires for me to keep updated this log on my life and other brain excretions that can be translated into a digital, alphanumeric format. So any encouragement would be great as I try to find time to blog and develop a digital voice for myself in cyberspace (ha ha, does anyone use that term anymore?).

A lot going on in life. Finally, officially headed towards a specific major in my post high school studies. I have decided to major in Advertising, seeking to get into the pretty competitive creative track (they accept around 15 people a year), and double minor in music and art. I am currently taking two of the prerequisites and predict that my performance in both of those classes should be sufficient enough for the application process. I am trying to get into the final prerequisite class during Spring term so that I can use my time during Summer term to work on my application and the video submission required to be considered for the major. Unfortunately the class for Spring is full seeing as the class has a maximum capacity of 18 students. We will see what happens.

I recently went to Las Vegas for a weekend with some awesome friends who became and will hopefully continue to become even more awesome friends. It was the most relaxing and chill weekend that I have had in a long time. Very grateful for everyone involved and the fact that they are part of my life. Especially grateful to my wonderful friend Kristen for orchestrating the whole thing and generously offering lodging during said weekend. What a girl! There are probably upwards of 200 pictures of this trip on facebook so I will not post them here, assuming that anyone following my blog is also one of my friends on facebook.

Even more recently I was able to go to the Manti Temple with my good friends Paul, Eric, Emily, and Ashley, two of her friends, and my brother Travis. The Manti Temple is a beautiful piece of celestial art, towering like a castle above the small town after which it is named, on a majestic mountainous canvas. In many ways I felt like I was in another, simpler time while inside partaking of the wonderful spirit that comes with the ever so important ordinances that take place there. After spending time in the House of the Lord I was warmly welcomed into Paul's home by his gracious parents who live there in Manti. We ate a delicious home-cooked meal, had a wonderful scripture study, and had a good time talking about anything and everything that night. The following morning we woke to a delicious breakfast and hug from our wonderful 1 night/ 1 morning foster parents as we left to head back to Provo. The wonderful person who is my friend Paul Fife is very much a product of his wonderful parents and their Christ-like love. I am very grateful to them for their hospitality and raising of such a great guy.

That is it for now. Just a quick update. Gotta head to a class now.